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                                           Success One! Advisory Board                                                    The County Superintendent of Schools operates the Success One! Charter School program as assisted by a Board of Advisors.  The Board of Advisors consists of representatives from partner agencies, teachers, students, school staff, and the Success One! Principal.

The Board of Advisors provides input and makes recommendations to the administration on program direction in areas including, but not limited to, curriculum, staff development, and resource allocation.  The Board of Advisors meetings are subject to the provisions of the Brown Act.  The Glenn County Board of Education may annually appoint one of its members as a liaison to the Board of Advisors.

The County Superintendent of Schools serves as the sole employer of Success One! staff and faculty.  The Principal, Superintendent, or Superintendent Designee will be in charge of the day-to-day operation of Success One!.

Advisory Board Members:                                                                                                    Lisa Morgan, Director                                                                                                             Elena Jones, Instructor                                                                                                          Vacant, Instructor                                                                                                                Linda Riggle, GCOE CTE Coordinator                                                                                    Linda Johnson, Health and Human Services Agency, Partner                                              Lourdes Ruiz, Senior Fiscal Secretary                                                                                  Whick Smock - Liaison, Glenn County Board of Education                                                Juana Parra, Community Member Student Rep (north) Vacant                                                                                               Michael Anthony, Student Rep (south)

Success One! Advisory Board Meetings:                                                                                Meetings will be held from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm, Success One! North, 129 E. Walker Street, Orland.  

2019/2020 Meeting Schedule:    To be announced.

Success One! Advisory Board and ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) meeting dates, agendas and minutes are available for past meeting dates by calling (530) 934-6320 to request a copy be sent via e-mail or USPS.