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                                    the rusty wagon                                                                               420 Walker Street                                                                               Orland, CA 95963                                          (530) 988-9132

The Rusty Wagon (RW) is a Community Integration Program for individuals who are Regional Center eligible and live in the FNRC (Far Northern Regional Center) region.  Our mission is to provide adults with disabilities a place in our community to learn, work and thrive. Our training store features local foods, goods and unique artisan products as well as a shopping experience with superb customer service provided by our associates. The Rusty Wagon provides employment and training opportunities in the areas of:

  • Retail Sales

  • Marketing & Visual Merchandising

  • Customer Service

  • Printing & Graphics

  • Product Development

  • The storefront provides a natural environment in which work skills are taught, modeled and achieved through specific program curriculum pursuant to Section 56472 of Title 17.

    The Rusty Wagon Community Integration Program is based on assessment of need for additional vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with disabilities, who are 18 years old or older, and who are Regional Center eligible in the Glenn County region.

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Welcome to The Rusty Wagon!

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The program is designed as a not-for-profit retail store governed by the Glenn County Office of Education (GCOE) through the Glenn Adult Program in association with the Far Northern Regional Center.  It was developed to create training, assessment and employment opportunities for individuals with various employment needs while growing local and regional micro-business enterprises, supporting the Ag industry and regional tourism.  This is done by creating new jobs that offer growth and advancement that support the growing work force.

Each individual receiving services and/or their representative/conservator are involved in Individual Service Plans (ISP) which are developed and focused on each individual's work interest, goals, abilities, preferences and needs.  Check us out on Facebook!

Hours of Of Operation                                                                                                         Tuesday - Friday       10:30 - 5:30                                                                                               Saturday                  10:30 - 3:30                                                                                         The store is closed on legal holidays.