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                               Youth Employment Service Program (Y.E.S.)

Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) is a Glenn County Program designed to help and benefit students, employers and the community.  The program provides work readiness, worksite training, employment and follow-up services.  It is a collaboration of Glenn County Health and Human Services Agency, the Glenn County Office of Education and local businesses and school districts.

Requirements for Students participating in the program:

  • Students must attend school regularly.

  • Students must attend:

    • Foundational Career Course I - an introductory course offering curricular instruction in Career Planning, Career Assessment, Labor Market Information, Job Search, Applications, Resumes and Interviewing. (2.5 credits)

    • Career Safe & Certified Course II - a concentrator course offering curricular instruction and practical competencies in Safety and Industry Certification. (1.5 credits)

    • Career Ready Course III - a Capstone course offering curricular instruction in Career Preparation, SCAN Skills, Personal Management, Transferable Skills, Consumer Education and Resources including: taxes, banking, comparison shopping, budgeting, independent living skills, work experience, leadership, community service and applying for a job. (1.0-15 credits)

  • Prior to work experience/volunteer training, students must have attended all three courses.

What will students gain from the Y.E.S. Program?

  • Career planning skills.

  • Job search techniques.

  • Character development.

  • CTE/High School elective credits.

  • Worksite training and transferable skills.

Fall 2019 Semester Classes are held:

     Willows                                            Orland                                         Hamilton City          3:30 pm - 5:30 pm                          3:30 pm - 5:30 pm                      3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Learning Center South                  Success One! North                   Hamilton High School 451 S. Villa Ave.                              129 E. Walker St.                        620 Canal St. Classroom C                                   ESL Classroom                          Computer Lab

YES Staff

Mark Duff, Workability I Transition Specialist  (530) 865-1267 Ext. 3208 530-517-1583  Priscilla Exner, CTE Instructor                          (530) 865-1267 Ext. 3212 / 530-966-5098  Linda Riggle,  Case Manager                             (530) 865-1267 Ext. 3555 / 530-713-5945  Elizabeth Alvarez, Case Manager                      (530) 934-1499     Lourdes Ruiz, Success One! Admin. Support  (530) 934-6320 Ext. 3151                            Cari Berlin, Payroll                                              (530) 865-1267 Ext 3209 


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