ESL (English as a Second Language)or ELL (English Language Learner) refers to the use of English by speakers with different native languages. ESL classes are designed to assist the non-native speaker in learning the English language in a way that will facilitate their movement through every day life in a setting where English is the primary spoken and written language.

ESL classes assist students in developing reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and pronunciation skills in a global society. English proficiency is encouraged through such events as off-site field trips, where students are encouraged to use their English language skills.

Field trips are used as occasions to learn and use new words and phrases.

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Air Museum, Sacramento, CA

Shasta Dam Tour

Shasta Dam Tour

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Fish Hatchery, Oroville, CA

The Glenn Adult Program offers ESL classes, free of charge, with the following schedule:

Mon and Wed 8:30 to 11:30 Success One! North, 129 E. Walker Street, Orland.

Tue and Thu 8:30 to 11:30 Learning Center South, 451 S. Villa Ave., Willows.

Child care is available to students during class time.

Meet Our Staff Lisa Morgan, Director 530-865-1683 Ext. 2530 Esmeralda Esquivel, Instructor 530-934-6320 Ext. 4780 Adelaida Carrillo, Translator/Aide 530-936-6980 Ext. 4765 Marisa Gibbs, Receptionist 530-936-6980 Ext. 4500 Claire Arano, Literacy Coach/Clerk 530-936-6980 Ext. 4779 Nelida Chavez, Receptionist 530-934-6320 Ext. 3500 Vanessa Chang, Child Care, Orland 530-936-6980 Ext. 4770 Ana Partida, Child Care, Willows 530-934-6320 Ext 3606